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1963 - 1965 Buick Riviera Walnut Veneer & Leatherette

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If you are looking for the finest in walnut veneer for your first generation Buick Riviera, you've come to the right place!

Scanlan Classic Auto Veneer makes show-quality walnut veneer for 1963, 1964 & 1965 Buick Riveira consoles and door panels. Our '65 door panels are fantastic and feature correct striping! We will be expanding our inventory to include the option of both light and dark finished sets.

As a fellow Riviera owner, I can appreciate wanting your Riv to look "correct" right down to the last detail. We use only the correct cut of grade A walnut veneer  - not just some "premium hardwood". The veneer is laid out by hand and carefully selected, so that the grain is centered and flows uninterrupted from one piece to the next. The door panel grain is both centered and "mirrored", so that driver and passenger side are identical. 

The emphasis is on creating the finest quality veneer sets, bar none, not die-cutting every last square inch of veneer and compromising quality for the sake of profit. Each set is precision laser-cut for clean edges and a perfect fit every time! Combine that with a 3M Peel & Stick backing and you have a clean & hassle free installation!

Proudly made in the USA !

In fact, the walnut veneer is produced in the US, 

along with the laser-engraver used to cut it!

Check out the new "Door Panel Disassembly Tutorial" page!

In response to customers' questions, I decided to detail the process of taking apart the veneer trim panels. It's actually quite easy once you see how it's done. 

Anybody can do it, you'll be a pro in no time!

It makes the once-daunting task of taking the door panels apart a cinch!

Show-quality, laser-cut walnut console veneer and walnut door panel veneer, with a rich, dark walnut finish!

Scanlan Classic Auto Veneer also provides precision laser-cut console leatherette sets for the 1963 & 1964 Rivieras equipped with Standard Interior as well, with the same exacting fit as the walnut veneer.

The quality and attention to detail will set your Riv's interior apart from the rest! 

I've sold sets across the country and around the world, for both daily drivers and the highest quality. "spare no expense" restoration show cars. The quality of the veneer has met or exceeded the expectations of the most exacting Riviera owners.

We have all of your Buick Riviera veneer needs covered. 

Free shipping within the US!

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Buy with confidence!


Everything will fit perfectly and look exceptional - guaranteed!

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